Laser Surgery

We perform traditional laser surgery for medical conditions such as cervical dysplasia and vaginal warts. In the case of cervical dysplasia, lasers are able to destroy the abnormal cervical tissue with reduced scarring and a high success rate. While the abnormal tissue is destroyed and removed, the healthy surrounding tissue is preserved. This procedure is completed in the privacy of our office without the hassle of an overnight hospital stay.

Laser surgery is often the preferred method for removing vaginal warts that would otherwise be hard to access by other means. Removing vaginal warts with laser surgery is further advantageous in that surrounding tissue and deep tissue is not damaged in the procedure. Some patients elect laser surgery for vaginal wart removal to meet their cosmetic wishes.

While soreness and irritation may be present following laser surgery, most patients find the healing and recovery time very manageable. There is the possibility that your warts will return following treatment, so it is important to discuss expectations and outcomes with your Women’s Health Center physician.

Depending on the extent of treatment to be performed, local or general anesthesia may be used during laser surgery.

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