High Risk Obstetrics

“High risk” does not inevitably mean that your pregnancy experience is going to be traumatic or unenjoyable. Rather, “high risk” is a label that medical providers use to ensure that special attention is paid to the patient and her baby, and to ensure that special treatment is administered when necessary.

The obstetricians at the Women’s Health Center are committed to providing the highest level of care to all their patients with special accommodations made to meet the unique needs of high risk patients. To do so, the obstetricians at the Women’s Health Center work closely with the neonatologists and perinatologists at Bridgeport Hospital’s state-of-the-art level 1 nursery to ensure the greatest odds of a healthy delivery.

High risk pregnancies often require patients to have more frequent office visits as well as more auxiliary tests and/or exams to increase the likelihood of a successful birth. Due to the heightened and more intense partnership between the patient and the physician, it is especially important that the patient/doctor relationship be built upon trust and collaboration.

Given that many patients won’t know in advance that they are going to have a high risk pregnancy, it is especially important to select your physician with this potential in mind in case the situation does arise. For those women who have had complications in past pregnancies, they should prepare for this pregnancy as if it is high risk when selecting their physician.

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