Family Oriented Birthing

The birth of a child is a tremendously special event that in reality only happens once in each lifetime. While much of the pregnancy focus is on the mother, the birth of a child can truly be a joyous event shared by the entire family.

Family oriented birthing, otherwise known as natural childbirth, is the delivery of a baby without using drugs or surgery. An often overlooked component of natural childbirth is the importance placed on having family nearby, thus the name “family oriented birthing.”

Family oriented birthing does not mean an absence of available technology. Rather, skilled family oriented birthing facilities will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology in a cozy and intimate setting.

The physicians at the Women’s Health Center are committed to supporting your family oriented birthing requests and are committed to working to ensure your need and wishes are honored. A beautiful, drug-free birthing experience is available to you at the Women’s Health Center.

To assist in preparing you for a natural childbirth experience, we suggest enrolling in a class to familiarize yourself with birthing options, the facility, relaxation techniques, and postpartum care.

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