Cancer Detection and Treatment

While hearing that you have cancer is a very scary thing, not knowing is far more dangerous to your health. Early cancer detection results in more choices regarding treatment approach with the beneficial result ideally being increased survival and success rates. To provide our patients at the Women’s Health Center with the highest level of care and the most advanced medical treatment, we offer the new BRCA testing for those with a family history of certain cancers.

While new technologies are being developed and honed, the Pap test remains a keystone of cervical cancer detection. Since the advent of this commonly performed test, cervical cancer has decreased dramatically due to the beneficial results of early detection. Abnormalities detected during the Pap test may indicate precancerous cells. Having this information early allows patients and their doctors to explore ways to beat cancer before it truly strikes.

In contrast, ovarian cancer is still only detectable by an annual pelvic exam. It is the hope and intention of the physicians at the Women’s Health Center that all patients remain up-to-date and current with their annual exams to ensure the best health outcomes for patients.

Another cancer that does not receive as much public attention and focus is uterine cancer. The earliest sign of this type of cancer is abnormal bleeding. Speak to your Women’s Health Center physician today if you are experiencing or have experienced this symptom.

Lastly, breast cancer remains a key focus of the medical community and for good reason. Current statistics indicate that 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point during her lifetime. A baseline mammogram is recommended between the ages of 35 and 40 with annual mammograms after 40 unless you are in a high risk category.

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