Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine is becoming increasingly more prominent and commonplace in the health care system and medical field. It wasn’t until recently that one could find reliable clinical data detailing the effectiveness of herbs and vitamins for the treatment of specific medical conditions.

It is important to note though that just because something is “natural” does not make it safe in all situations or in all quantities. For example, some vitamins, herbs, and/or supplements can adversely interact with other medications you are already taking, so it is very important to discuss this approach in detail with your Women’s Health Center physician.

Some patients may choose to treat a condition entirely from an alternative medicine approach, whereas other patients may elect a dual-approach melding alternative medicine with traditional methods. This will partly depend on the patient’s preference and also on the specific condition being addressed. Again, this highlights the importance of having an open dialogue with your physician about your specific needs, concerns, and wishes. We will find an alternative medicine for you.